Dinner Time

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”   

Oscar Wilde

“I cook and I really believe in the family dinner, I think that’s a nice time to bring the family together.” Gwyneth Paltrow

I remember having dinner when I was growing up. Sunday at noon or 1 PM, all the family members would gather at my grandparent’s home. We talked about current events and Wall Street. It was fun.  Allan N Schwartz

Family mealtime is important for many reasons. A meal together joins us all, promoting unity and togetherness. It is a great opportunity to catch up and share stories about everyone’s day. It helps strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories. Eating together can also encourage healthy eating habits and promote better nutrition. Family mealtime is a valuable tradition that should be cherished and maintained.

Eating together also allows families to catch up on each other’s day and discuss important topics. It promotes communication and better academic results for children. It allows parents to model healthy eating habits for their children, leading to better nutrition and overall well-being. 

However, family mealtime can be challenging in today’s busy world. Finding the time to gather everyone around the table and cook a healthy meal can be challenging. To make it easier, families can plan meals and assign tasks to each family member so that dinner preparation is less overwhelming. Setting aside time for regular meals together will ensure the family can benefit from all its advantages. 

In addition, families need to have open conversations during mealtime. Talking about daily events can help keep everyone updated and foster a connection between family members. It can also be an opportunity to share ideas and perspectives on different topics and discuss any issues or problems that may arise. By having these conversations, families can improve their communication and strengthen their relationships. 

Finally, it’s important to remember to enjoy the mealtime experience. Eating together should be a relaxing and enjoyable time for everyone involved. Making sure there is no rush, allowing plenty of time for conversation or storytelling, putting on some music, or having a few

Family mealtime:

  • Creates a sense of belonging. Sitting down for a meal together helps to bring family members together. It helps to nourish a strong bond between members and helps them understand each other better.
  • Helps children learn communication skills. Family mealtime teaches children communication skills, such as listening and politeness.
  • Encourages the family to develop the habit of healthy eating. Parents can guide children toward healthy eating habits when families are together at dinner.
  • It is an opportunity to talk about the day’s activities. Family mealtimes foster strong relationships.
  • Remember that family mealtime is also an opportunity for parents to talk with each other and the children.

As a child, there were no cell phones or social media. Radio and Television were prohibited during dinner. The entire focus was on the family and on being together.


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